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"Wait, what's the abbreviation for that again?" [22 Aug 2005|07:44pm]

New York I loved. Italy, I loved just as much, if not more.

The only negative thing that's happened since then is a family member doing something to the computer, so that it really can't be considered a computer anymore, just a sad whirring heap of Idon'tknowwhat. New computer on it's way, along with a proper update (I do so enjoy saying proper)!

Hope your summers have been going well (♥)!

P.S: SO many Vespas in Italy!

[05 Jul 2005|11:09pm]

My flight leaves at 6:30 tomorrow morning, and I'm not done packing. To say I'm halfway done would be an exaggeration.

NY trip = Surprise B-Day gift from brother. Italy trip (yes, this one's new) = surprise B-Day gift from mum + mutual friend. Yee! I've always wanted to go to Italy since, well, as long as I can remember. I don't know very much Italian, but the people I'll be staying with know Spanish as well, so I'll be a little better off with the modest amount of Spanish I know. I'll be going straight from New York to Italy. Statistics:

I'll be traveling alone. YES.
I'll be bounced about from person to person. So far:
- Giovanna + Husband
- Paola (Paula?)
- Luisa (owner of bed + breakfast. I'll be situated here most of the time)

The lovelydesign journal I ordered came today! Relief! It's so perfect! I can't wait to document various things in need of documenting.

I haven't been the best about replying to letters as of late, but I'll be sending postcards + various other little things from NY + Italy to those have put up with my lessthanperfect consistency ♥ ( okashii_milk , amcam , perfectcherry , toastess , darling Guari, keep an eye out!).

P.S: On a similar note: the highlight of my week: I received the most lovely package ever ever ever from a mystery person, who apparently, resides in the UK.

contents: 2 Amelie postcards, one Jamie Oliver cookbook, 2 Bansky books , mini novel, and a little cross. I've searched and searched, but I can't find a name, or a return address! Torture!

Dear mystery person: drop me a line so I can send something in return ♥!!!! [ petit.bicyclette [AT] gmail.com]

I'll be back in about a month, but I'll be reading + commenting (I hope!).


Seu Jorge - Life on Mars [04 Jun 2005|09:51pm]

+ Thrilling (It's genuine, I swear!)! I've been offered a spot in a new program that my instructor has recently decided to start up, in which a group of about 10 will work together to teach "beginners" the basics on their instruments. Beginners beginners. Translation: Children :<. I don't work too well with children. Come to think of it, I don't work with children, period. (This sounds terrible, I know) I just don't like children. The feeling is usually mutual. My strong aversion to children is just strengthened by recent experience (by experience, I mean my looking on from a distance at the things). i.e: children hitting mothers in stomachs/legs/take your pick when they don't get ____ in a store. I usually look on in awe, wondering how they get away with such behavior and thinking "If I had done that when I was their age, my mother DEFINITELY wouldn't have been so passive, and I probably wouldn't have seen the light of day for some time". I don't think I'd be able to put up with it and bite my tongue. Enter visions of crazed mother storming into the room and chewing me out for not letting her demon-child go ape-shit during a lesson for whatever reason. I also don't deal too well with crazed mothers. Although, for $25 an hour starting pay, I'm pretty sure I can play nice with just about anything.

+ I've re-falleninlove with Aya Takano.

+ I learned from C that a collaboration between Issey Miyake and Aya took place some time ago (why didn't I hear of this before?). As a result, many drool-worthy products were produced, i.e:

Oh how I'd love an Aya Takano umbrella...my black umbrella is so depressing :<.

+ And even though Chiho hasn't done a collaboration with Issey, I still ADORE her. I love the more somber, haunting quality her work has.

+ Started listening to Jack Kerouac again, and realized just how much I love listening to him...wherever.

Hearing him recite his poetry, listening to all the rises and falls of his voice with the sax etc. in the background always demands so much attention. It's great for graying everything else out.

+ I FINALLY ordered something from Decore. I'm such a sucker for cute kitchenware, and my weakness is cute teaware :<.

The mushroom teapot is on its way as I type ♥!! I've always loveloveloved decore. Does anyone know the Gladee website?

I dream of combining two loves, and eventually opening up a Vespa/moped slash bakery. M thinks it's a silly idea; obviously a future unwelcome guest (just kidding, M! ♥). My mum thinks I'm obsessed with cafes, and, upon reviewing the itinerary for the July trip to New York, my brother's come to the same conclusion. So far, these are the bakeries/cafes I want to visit:

+ Magnolia (so many mixed reviews!)
+ Podunk
+ Sunshine Bakery
+ Milk and Cookies
+ Teany
+ Alice's Teacup
+ Billy's Bakery
+ Monkey Royale
+ Blue Goose
+ Cafe Le Gamin
+ Buttercup Bake Shop
+ Cupcake Cafe
+ Cafe Mozart
+ Le Petit Cafe
+ La Flor Bakery
+ Mona Lisa Cafe

If I've left any out, or I should leave one out, let me know! ♥
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[16 Apr 2005|12:24pm]

Oh! For all those who live in New York/have visted, please do tell me anything and everything wonderful to do there/see. Shows/restaurants/cafes/stores/♥bookstores♥ etc. etc. etc. (anything). Also, any suggestions for a place to fly into/stay? My brother surprised me with a trip, and now I've to tell him where I want to stay super quickstyle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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[16 Apr 2005|10:03am]

+ The past few days have been spent perfecting my honks/nose-blows, ingesting more cough drops than one would normally think is sane to do, and wallowing in self pity. I hate hate hate being sick. Hate it. I've come to the conclusion that my recent affliction can be blamed on The Dreaded Recital coming up, next Saturday. As if I wasn't nervous enough already, I called the accompanist yesterday to confirm a "rehearsal" date (quick runthrough of the piece). She asked me which piece I was going to be playing. I told her, and, after having flipped through her mental catalogue of pieces she's played/heard, asked "Right! That's the really fast one that zips by, no?". Internally, I was thinking was "No, as a matter of fact, it doesn't 'zip' by, I've actually been taking it at a moderate tempo! Panic panic panic.", but all I was able to say was "....right." Now I've to bring it up to tempo, her tempo, the wrong tempo. *sob* Whine whine whine. I know, I get tired of it too. Oh, add a nervous stress-induced right-eye-twitch.

+ I want a mini-daschund/doxie so very badly, so that I can torture it with little dog-sized backpacks, dog-sized sweaters, and other equally cruel items of clothing especially made for dogs. I've no idea why, as my "I want a _____ dog" thoughts are usually limited to very very large dogs. I've heard rumors of "wiener dog day"s taking place all around Southern California...Oh! If I was only so fortunate as to find out when/where :<.

+ Are there any Vespa clubs in existence? Clubs with membership cards/rings/secret handshakes? swoon. I can only hope so. If there aren't, I'd be more than happy to start one up.

And of course, these ridiculous MJ helmets will be absolutely necessary.

+ P.S: For all you non-believers! Much thanks to family members/friends that were continually pestered and came through (♥ jordanbaker!) My brand new, (yes, factory sealed) 100% authentic, _FREE_ ipod came in the mail last week, and the past few days I've been able to enjoy, as previously mentioned, Stravinksy, Holst, and Cibo Matto dans pochette.

With and without the delicious case from Lime ♥.
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"A Bathing Ape in Soho" [07 Mar 2005|09:24am]

"...Famous for allowing customers to buy only one piece of A Bathing Ape at a time, such restrictions will be relaxed for the Soho store, which will be good news for trainer cultists who want to get their hands on BAPE's sneakers, hoodies and t-shirts. There are some nice quotes in the article, including one from designer Nigo that pretty much sums up how to build international hipster mystique: "'I really don't want a lot of people wearing my clothes,' he said." There was also mention of Nigo's diamond and platinum veneers (dude!), and a possible BAPE hotel. (Maybe you'll be allowed to spend only one night there.)"

Taken from Nogoodforme, one of my favortie blogs ♥.

Oh Nigo.
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Boris the Blade, I do think I'm rather in love with you [28 Feb 2005|01:04pm]

Warning: Since I've been gone for a bit, don't expect anything more than extremely long-winded blabbing. You've been forewarned! ♥

+ My semi-absence from LJ,and basically any other activity that requires lifting more than one finger can be attributed to one thing and one thing only: apathy. Alright, not really. More like idling and movie marathons at M's (Quills, Before Night Falls, and Resevoir Dogs being a few among the many yummies that contributed to our hours of mindless escapism). I use "escapism", because, well, that's the best word I can think of about right now. Auditions are coming up, and I'm terrified. I always get terrified. I think it's pretty safe to say (HA! understatement of the year) that I have extreme performance anxiety. Poop. My instructor wants me to visit a shrink, who majored in both the Performing Arts and Psychology. My hero. On a lighter note, I'm going flute shopping! Yee! I'm hoping to get my grubby little hands on a Muramatsu. Love!


Nouveau amours

So, I have an Holga. That I like. A lot. But, I like this one better. For obvious reasons (i.e: the flashing lights, and little noises it makes when you take a picture ♥). Thus begins my tireless search for a method to actually acquire one. Don't they know how many people they could make happy if they just shipped internationally?

more more moreCollapse )
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No more concerto. [21 Nov 2004|06:59pm]

The world needs more peter pan collars.

frustration+luggage love+x-mas cards?+Taiyo!Collapse )

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"How to light a woman's ciggarette, kissing a hand, and the proper way to kiss in public" [18 Aug 2004|07:37am]

+ one:
♥ On the menu for tonight's dinner: ♥

             + Hot Strained Onion soup with Brandy and Cheese Straws
             + Turkey Tetrazzini
             + White and Green Asparagus with Vinaigrette Dressing
             + Macédoine of Fruits
             + Hot Macaroons

             + The wine: a white wine, Pouilly-Fumé perhaps

Alright. Sooo...maybe not. But doesn't it sound wonderful! I found the above in a fabulous book I managed to come upon while digging through my mum's book collection. The title? "The Vogue Book of Menus and Recipes For Entertaining at Home". Copyright 1961. Did you expect anything else? ♥ As if that wasn't exciting enough, the book gods must have looked upon me favorably today, because I ALSO found "Amy Vanderbuilt's Complete Book of Etiquette, a Guide to Gracious Living"! Copyright 1952. Complete with mustywonderfuloldbook smell. _This_ book kept me very entertained for the better half of the afternoon. Now I know how to applaud at an opera, tell a military man's rank by looking at his uniform, and how to properly spit up a piece of food that tastes gross. The pictures make such things all the more enjoyable to learn:

pull diagonally!!Collapse )

+ two:I've always had a terrible obsession with skeleton keys. When I was little I would run around my grandmothers house, and secretly take as many of these keys as I could find, I loved the sound they made, and the way they look; I still do! I was hoping to be able to make some sort of jewelry with some of these purchased keys (off of Ebay, not my grandmother ♥), but was dumbfounded as to why they're so expensive! It isn't as if they can serve their original purpose, right? Anyways, perhaps I'll just use this as an excuse to buy many yummy things from off of t-mall:

+ P.S: I rather like Onozawa Yutaka

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Oh godfather, I'll always keep your black surface dust-free, and I'll never let you get scratched! [15 Jul 2004|01:31pm]

mind fuck shoes for pleasure ♥

a couple more shoes + the mindless ramblings of a girl who should be working on her history paper ♥Collapse )
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[08 Jun 2004|09:54pm]

My birthday is coming up so soon! I'm excited but afraid. I'm one of those silly gooses that tries to avoid the inevitable. I have such a phobia of getting old. I notice myself getting in to the conversations often started by the question "if you were given the option of being immortal, would you seize it?". Damn right. Yes, even if it meant getting cryogenically frozen. Would I risk getting le unattractive freezer-burn if it meant being able to postpone my death? Yes again! Why? I like to tell myself it's because I'd like to live to see the day when they make hovering cars. Or maybe rooms that clean themselves, as my own is looking horrible at the moment.

+ Upon flipping through the latest issue of Pretty Style, in which they feature a section called "World Snap(pictures) Tour", something became painfully obvious. See if you can spy it. I started out with


♥ black heels with jagged edges
♥ layering well done
♥ bags


more!! can you see it??Collapse )

+ I'm taking all measures necessary to resume my bookworm status! I'm very lucky to have made such a decision with summer so near. I have a terrible of habit of picking up a book, starting, and literally not being able to do anything else until I've finished the very last word. I'll take it to class, and instead of taking notes on the lecture being given, I can't stop reading. Very dangerous to my marks. My instructors have been scolding me about it since...as long as I can remember. In any case, I've started with Bradbury's newest book out, his collection of 100 short stories, (my favorite author! picking up one of his books after a long while feels like coming home. I had it signed by the one and only went I went to the UCLA festival of books not too long ago, and I heard him speak! ♥♥) I hope I finish it soon!

+ I've recently developed an addiction to Caesar salad...the ones the come ready made in the pack that you can pick up at your local grocers? Yes those! The only thing I don't like are the spines of the lettuce, the clear part that has almost no taste whatsoever. I'm hoping on finding a good recipe so that I can make my own caesar salad, _without_ the spines >:>. [/ramble]

+ New fascination with yuko shimizu!!!

+ P.S: finally acquired pink rainboots! ♥
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[26 May 2004|06:22pm]

Mothers, lock your tasty pastries indoors! Nothing in pastry form is safe from Miyu!

Except of course, for eclairs. I don't like eclairs much.

One: Went to Mitsuwa bakery with F a yesterday, and purchased a few things, like choco-chip MELON bread (which I haven't seen in the longest time!) and a chocolate yogurt roll, shown above. The period of time in which I managed to eat these was, in all sincerity, one for the record books. ♥ After we filled our baskets with various MSG tasties (i.e: snow pea snacks! how horribly delicious), we headed over to the magazine section, where it's almost impossible not to buy more than one. The last time I went, I was sad at not being able to find NYLON Japan (which for some time, has ranked amongst the top of my list of favorite magazines). This time, I had more luck.

What I especially liked about this months issue was the surprise "Los Angeles Happy Guide", that gives you a map/list/tiny visuals of various stores/clubs/luncheon places. EEEE very exciting, seeing as how F and I have recently been planning a summer drive down to L.A.. Now we won't aimlessly run around like chickens in the dark with our heads cut off on the streets of L.A ♥.

Two: In other news, the end of the academic school year is in sight! It always manages to creep up on me. I'll finally get a breather from all the exams that have been plaguing me. My mum thinks that they've been the cause of my not being able to keep myself from falling asleep if given the opportunity (i.e: more than five minutes to myself). I haven't been eating very healthy as of late, either. I need this vacation!

Three: YES I would like to fill my kitchen/room/workspace/bedroom with only merchandise from this store!

P.S: For those who are also planning on visiting L.A./already live there and wish to see the stores suggested/if you've already visited them, look behind the cut for the articles. If you'd like to see more, I'd be happy to scan some more pages! ♥♥

guts pose!Collapse )

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I usually dislike children but.... [09 May 2004|12:38pm]

James grew on me so!

+ My mum and I went to a friends house for dinner on Friday, where we had pieces of smoked salmon on sections of french bread covered with a cream cheese spread, salad with a raspberry vinaigrette, ravioli with a light pesto sauce, and white wine. Oh, and a few Klondike bars for dessert.

I came to know the acquaintance of a very bright child, James. He was so adorable! A comment that is very seldom heard coming from out of my mouth in reference to children.

After we ate, we lounged around the backyard, and admired her deck. I could catch my mum eying Shirley's yard, as it's very very lush (rosemary, snow peas, cucumbers, dill, etc etc) but playing nice. The food was yummy, and we left a little after nine, although Shirley was a little hurt, she wanted us to stay. If it was up to her, we would've stayed talking until the wee hours of the morning. We had fun. ♥

+ I've been on a package/letter-sending-out-craze the past few days, catching up on all penpals! Some of them have been long overdue! I've just been so busy with exams lately, I haven't had a break, I'm so worried! W sent me a package when he and his fiancee were nearing their wedding, and now I'm afraid that when I send him a package of congratulations/best wishes, their wedding will have been long gone! I received a package today from Mischii, with many of her favorite Kera pages. I love them, and will hopefully get around to scanning some later on for you lovelies. Thank you Mischii!!! ♥

+ I've started making a pendant lamp as a part of the effort to re-decorate my room, and so far, everything is going well! I wish I had enough time to do everything on that site~

click click

p.s: WHY do I not have this watch yet?

p.p.s: Yee! I've FINALLY ordered my kozyndan shirt that I've been lusting for since who knows how long ♥♥ Of course, I had to restrain myself from buying several.
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[29 Apr 2004|08:57pm]

It's been much too long since I've had these! My mum and I went to the market (Assi!! The newest around our area!) because she likes the produce, and I like...just about everything. I remember we'd sit in the schoolyard and binge on these...♥. Sent them out to a few correspondence friends (heehee, alright, penpals)! Oh! Of course, for those of you wondering, they're rice crackers, pick some of 'em up, you might like them!

two: Mother's Day is coming! I love my mum so much, I wish I could give her a house up in the hills (which hills, I don't know, but hills. Far out enough so that everything is quiter, and the people seem nicer, not pseudo-far, where you can smell various wastes of animals and have to wrinkle your nose (hi Chino!) ), where she would have her own huge garden, and very large windows in the front so she could peer out into her small neighborhood with squinty eyes to see who's doing what (and later say that she hates gossip, I love her for that), and to chase dogs from the garden with her broom in those quick, tiny movements of hers.

Unfortunately I'm not a doctor, so I'll have to settle on something else to get her:

three: So, the decorating of the room is going fairly well, but I've run out of ideas. And what does Miyu do when she runs out of ideas? She grabs her nearest magazines, which never fail her! ♥

Comments/opinions on rooms would be appreciated, as I'm using these for inspiration, or, just look and gather inspiration for yourself!! ♥


more! Large images! Can you spy the blythe magazine??♥♥Collapse )


P.S: my efforts to find pink rainboots have been fruitless, I think I'll have to get off of my lazy bum and make my own.
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J'obtiens mes cheveux lavés au salon de miel, où les coeurs service vous ! [18 Apr 2004|11:33am]

♥ -- I love Limi Feu -- ♥

+ P.A. agreed to help me try and decorate my room. We've started painting the dresser, and going out to try and find various pieces of furniture. I only wish I could get my hands on pieces like these:

For those who wish to gather inspiration for future interior decoration endeavors, visit:
uchu hyakka
daichu harajuku
petit coquin!
skip a beat garden

P.S: why is it so hard to find pink rainboots?

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[11 Apr 2004|01:44am]

Trying to study for an exam for tomorrow, but I can't, because for some reason I can't study unless everything is completely silent, and the house is too noisy right now, and I'm too lazy to go to a book lending/selling place to study. Or am I just making excuses? Anyways, instead of much needed studying, I'll ramble on about meaningless things. Or something.


eeeee THIS came in the mail today:

By Ally-wa (A.K.A: Turddemon ♥) . There was a painting of hers awhile back on Ebay that I wanted, that had pink bunnies, but unfortunately I couldn't get to the computer in time. I was at a dinner enjoying the company of my lovely relatives. Anyways, as soon as I saw this painting, I absolutely had to have it. I think I'll go frame hunting tomorrow.

+ two:

I wish I had an egg shaped refrigerator, so that I could store future Qoo drinks in, and perhaps later keep take-out warm for late night snack time (yes, it heats as well! (♥) ) If only it came in pink or black.

+ three:

I don't know if it's spring, but as of late (past few months or so) I've been wanting to have my own garden. x10. I want to grow basil so that I can make my own pesto sauce, and rosemary so that I can make bread, and peas, because I've always liked the way them grow in pods. I've already gotten my elephant watering can (thanks to highheelsnap ♥. P.S: I really wanted the pink one, but they only had blue :( ) Any suggestions on what else I should grow?? Nothing too big, as I want it to be somewhat small. (No flowers! Miyu is gluttonous and would like to grow things she or her cat can eventually eat ♥)

+ four:

My artichoke aches for this shirt:

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who Hysteric Glamour and Bape clothing have the ability to reduce me to the muscular equivalent of pudding.
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[03 Apr 2004|12:40pm]

+ One:

Cars of my dreams:

I've dreaded going car shopping, but cars that resemble the ones above make it a little easier ♥ A thinks they're ugly. I think they're a sight for sore eyes, considering that all of the cars I see everyday are limited to Ford pickup trucks, monstrous SUV's, and tiny porsches. Although now, based on recent observations, I guess salaryman thinks the mini-cooper is the "hip" car to drive around. wtf wtf. No matter...

LJ cut, because I adore you allCollapse )

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pink heart attacks are delicious and tasty, don't you think? [31 Jan 2004|11:48am]

+ one: If there's any reason to like valentines day, it's because of the increase of hearts prints and assorted pink things put out for sale.

AH! les rose attaques cardiaques sont si savoureuses et délicieuses, non?Collapse )

+ two: exams are FINALLY over. I procrastinated AGAIN and ended up having many cram sessions over the weekend (last). Of course, because my immune system loves me, I came down with a nasty cold a day before I was to take my first final. I hated trying to concentrate while I tried to *quietly* honk my nose 2 times every minute. It was impossible, but overall, I think I did well. I HOPE I did well.

I also have an audition to be in the Wind Ensemble on Monday, that will most likely consist of sight reading (booo), scales (chromatic included), and having to read off of a prepared peice. I'm a little averse to this whole audition process, my reason (among others) being that I'm already IN Wind Ensemble. I guess I don't have anything to worry about, I'm just a worry wart, and keep on having visions of our new instructor going off in a fevered rage, throwing chairs, etc etc., and ultimately saying something along the lines of "you're losing first chair!!! sakljdlksajyoure out of the ensemble get out of my sight!ldksjfklfj".

+ three: yeeee Threadless re-printed the shirt I wanted but couldn't get because they only had very few left. 2nd on list of t-shirts to get. ♥

only the coolest kids get SARS!

+ four: I'm off to Joann's in hopes of finding hearts print fabrics. I haven't sewn because I haven't had any time, and now that I do, I should.

P.S: ♥ letter was sent out to redhotkiss
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IV, or air-feed? [08 Jan 2004|09:16pm]

+ Ordered miss mizuno's latest: Princess mermaid, from borders today <3<3

+ Went to orthro specialty office for consultation on extraction of wisdom teeth. After sitting in the waiting room of hellish music and magazines that had many ninny advertisements, the doctor saw me. Unsure of whether to get local or general anesthesia. I told him about the reaction I had to general when I was an infant. He said he wouldn't do the surgery without general. I'm getting all four extracted. Surgery #2 in miyu's existence thus far.<3

+ Williams Sonoma is truly the candy store for anyone who likes to cook/bake/making of things to consume. I want this:

If being baked into a pie is your dream, I will try my hardest to make it come true!

Or do you think the "empire yellow" and "oynx black" would be better? In any case, surely, if I owned one of these delightful machines of love, I'd be one step closer to filling the world with moon cakes, cookies, and other assorted sweet tasty things. I would mix the things needing mixing. And, I could finally try that neat recipe for lemon pound cake I have.

+ Am I evil for liking Bape/A Bathing Ape? Loc thinks so. I'm unsure.

+ Musubi on plate in the kitchen is calling my name! Lunching is fine.
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Appelez-moi zombi miyu [22 Dec 2003|04:53pm]

Pourquoi est-ce que je suis ainsi fatigué ?

It feels as if I've gone into zombie mode, indefinitely x_x. I dont know why I'm so tired. My mum and I went shopping today, I only lasted as far as the first mall. My mom did the asian thing and in her infinite wisdom, diagnosed me with who knows how many silly illnesses, and suggested remedies varying in levels of ridiculousness. <3

On a lighter note, I've finally gotten Peter a present. yee! Isn't it funny how the closer you are to someone, the harder it is/the more fuss you make about choosing the right present to give them? Or is it just me? I wouldn't be surprised if it was x_x. Anyways, I ended up getting him this:

"bip-bip" va celui qui me vole coeur, se décompose mon cerveau, et m'amuse.

Brillant, je sais. Qui a indiqué qu'obtenant un cadeau pour le sexe opposé était CE dur ?

And now I want it for myself. How sex is THAT. Let me tell you my friend, very sex indeed. It's an old-school joystick that you can hook up to your television, and it had 10 ancient Atari games. Now, I wasn't fortunate enough to have been born in the golden age when games like pong, missle command, asteroids, and yar's revenge where first released (all games included in this brilliant little gift I've just purchased), but I HAVE been around long enough to be able to appreciate old-school. Yeah, thats right, I've had my fair share of playing Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Combat, and Golden Axe on the Sega Genesis. ("Seeeeegggaaaa!!") *teehee* Anyways, long story short, I want it now ;_;.

Never trust a girl to go christmas shopping for others, and NOT by something for herself. It's physically IMPOSSIBLE. To try and abate my sorrow over realizing I was eventually going to have to give the gift to Peter, I bought myself

Oh comment je t'aime, mini récipient de valise qui contiendra mes choses qui ont besoin contenir.

After having seen the fruits/decora pictures in Teen Vogue awhile back (( click click )), I was obsessed with finding a mini suitcase. Imagine how happy I was to find one, and with a deery-lou print! <3
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